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conditions of buying an apartment in Istanbul

Everything about the conditions of buying an apartment in Istanbul

Conditions of buying an apartment in Istanbul

When considering the conditions of buying an apartment in Istanbul, several factors come into play. Firstly, non-Turkish citizens must adhere to specific regulations outlined by the Turkish (Turkish  real estate) government. Foreign buyers typically need a valid passport and may require a permit from the military authorities.

Moreover, understanding the Turkish real estate market is crucial. Researching neighborhoods, amenities, and property values can aid in making an informed decision. Additionally, hiring a reputable real estate agent fluent in English and Turkish can simplify the process and ensure all legalities are addressed.

Financial considerations are also paramount. Buyers must be prepared for upfront costs like property taxes, title deed fees, and potentially, a value-added tax. Securing financing through a Turkish bank or utilizing alternative payment methods should also be explored.

Lastly, due diligence is essential. Conducting thorough property inspections, verifying ownership documents, and understanding homeowner association regulations are vital steps in safeguarding one’s investment. By navigating these conditions effectively, purchasing an apartment in Istanbul can be a smooth and rewarding experience.

conditions of buying an apartment in Istanbul

conditions of buying an apartment in Istanbul

Istanbul, the enchanting city straddling two continents, beckons with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning scenery. Whether you’re seeking a permanent residence or a luxurious vacation home, buying an apartment in Istanbul can be a rewarding experience. But navigating the process can be complex. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the conditions you’ll encounter:


Foreigners can freely purchase apartments in Istanbul. No special permits or restrictions apply, unlike land ownership.
Valid passport and visa: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your purchase date, and you have the appropriate visa for residency or property ownership (consult relevant Turkish authorities).


  • Find your dream apartment: Explore neighborhoods, compare options, and work with a reputable real estate agent who understands your needs and budget.
    Negotiate and Sign a Purchase Agreement: This legally binding document outlines the price, payment terms, property details, and closing date. Ensure it’s translated into your language and reviewed by a lawyer.
    Apply for a tax number: As a foreigner, you’ll need a Turkish tax number for property transactions. Obtain it from the local tax office.
    Open a Turkish bank account: This facilitates payments and deposits related to the purchase.
    Pay property purchase tax: A 4% tax is levied on the declared property value (negotiable with the seller).
    Title Deed transfer: Once all payments are complete, the title deed is transferred to your name through a notary public. This finalizes the ownership.

Additional Costs:

  • Real estate agent fees: Typically 2-3% of the purchase price, negotiated upfront.
    Notary fees: Around 0.4% of the property value.
    Land registry fees: Approximately 240 TRY (around $25 USD).
    DASK insurance: Compulsory earthquake insurance, costing around 0.3% of the property value annually.

Financing Options:

  • Cash purchase: Offers the best price and avoids interest costs.
    Mortgage loans: Available from both Turkish and international banks with varying interest rates and terms.

Important Considerations:

  • Location: Different districts offer distinct lifestyles and price points. Research well before committing.
    Legal due diligence: Verify the property’s legal status, land title, and any potential encumbrances.
    Hidden costs: Consider maintenance fees, building insurance, and potential renovation costs.
    Residency permit: Owning an apartment can facilitate obtaining a residency permit, but specific requirements apply.

Additional Tips:

  • Learn basic Turkish phrases for navigating interactions with locals.
    Research the current market trends and property values to set realistic expectations.
    Be patient and prepared for negotiation, as Turkish culture involves bargaining.
    Enjoy the process! Buying an apartment in Istanbul can be a fascinating journey into the city’s real estate landscape.

By understanding the conditions, costs, and considerations involved, you can navigate the process of buying an apartment in Istanbul with confidence and secure your dream home in this captivating city.

Everything about the conditions of buying an apartment in Istanbul - Frequently asked questions:

When purchasing an apartment in Istanbul, foreign buyers need to obtain a “Title Deed” (Tapu) which is issued by the Turkish Land Registry Office. Additionally, it is important to hire a reliable real estate agent and lawyer to assist with the buying process and ensure all legal requirements are met.
Foreigners are allowed to purchase one or more apartments in Istanbul, provided that they meet certain criteria set by the Turkish government. However, there are restrictions on buying property in certain areas, such as military zones or strategic locations.
In addition to the actual price of the apartment, buyers in Istanbul should be aware of additional costs such as property taxes, title deed fees, real estate agent commissions, and legal fees. It is important to budget for these expenses in advance to avoid any surprises during the buying process.


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    I am foreigners who interested in buying an apartment in Istanbul. It emphasizes the importance of understanding regulations, researching the real estate market, and conducting due diligence. It also highlights the financial considerations and provides tips for a smooth buying process. Overall, a comprehensive guide for anyone considering purchasing property in Istanbul.

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    Thanks bro for a comprehensive guide to the conditions of buying an apartment in Istanbul. It highlights the importance of understanding the regulations, researching the market, and conducting due diligence. It also mentions the financial considerations and offers additional tips for a smooth purchasing experience. Overall, it’s a helpful resource for anyone

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