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Istanbul metro

Everything you wanted to know about Istanbul metro

Istanbul Metro: Explore the city’s efficient transportation system. Get updates on Istanbul metro lines, routes, and schedules. Plan your commute with ease! By so way, if you are looking Istanbul real estate for sale, try our catalog.

Istanbul metro

Istanbul metro

Istanbul metro

The Istanbul Metro is a rapid transit railway network that serves the bustling city of Istanbul, Turkey. It’s an efficient and affordable way to navigate the city’s many districts and sights. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Overview Istanbul metro:

  • Opened in 1989, it’s one of the oldest underground urban rail lines in continental Europe.
  • Extensive network: 10 lines with 133 stations, covering both European and Asian sides of the city.
  • Frequent service: Trains run every 2-10 minutes during peak hours, ensuring easy access.
  • Affordable fares: Prices start at around 5 TRY (less than $1 USD), making it a budget-friendly option.
  • Clean and modern infrastructure: Stations are well-maintained with clear signage and helpful staff.

Lines and Coverage:

  • M1-M8 lines crisscross the European side, connecting major areas like Taksim, Sultanahmet, and Levent.
  • M9 and M11 lines serve the Asian side, including Üsküdar and Kadıköy.
  • F1, T1-T5, and TF1-TF2 are funicular and tram lines integrated into the network, offering access to specific districts and landmarks.


  • Avoid traffic congestion and save time during your commute.
  • Explore different parts of the city easily and efficiently.
  • Convenient access to popular tourist attractions like Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, and Hagia Sophia.
  • Connect with other public transportation options like buses, trams, and ferries.

Tips for using the Istanbul Metro:

  1. Purchase an Istanbulkart for convenient fares and avoid ticket lines.
  2. Download the official Metro Istanbul app for real-time information on schedules and disruptions.
  3. Validate your Istanbulkart at the yellow turnstiles before and after your journey.
  4. Mind the etiquette: Avoid eating, drinking, or talking loudly on the trains.

Istanbul map metro

You have several options to access the Istanbul Metro map:

0. Istanbul metro map pdf – (open view)

1. Official Website:

Visit the official Metro Istanbul website:
Click on the “Network Maps” tab.
You can choose between the “Istanbul Rail Systems Map” showing all lines and connections, or the “Istanbul Metro Lines Map” focusing solely on metro lines.
These maps are downloadable in PDF format.

2. Mobile App:

Download the “Metro İstanbul” app available for iOS and Android.
The app includes an interactive map with real-time train arrival information, station details, and journey planning tools.

3. Printed Maps:

Physical maps are available at all metro stations and information booths.
These maps often show additional tourist landmarks and information besides the metro lines.

4. Google Maps:

Google Maps integrates the Istanbul Metro network, allowing you to plan your journey with estimated travel times.
Simply set your origin and destination, and Google Maps will suggest the best route using metro lines, other public transportation, or walking.

Remember, when navigating the Istanbul Metro, consider factors like which side of the city you’re in (European or Asian), your desired destination, and any potential transfers between lines.

Mall of Istanbul metro

1. Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro:

  • Take the M2 (Yenikapı-Hacıosman) or M3 (Kirazlı-Başakşehir) line to Mecidiyeköy station.
  • Transfer to the M7 (Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey) line and ride until the Mahmutbey station.
  • From Mahmutbey station, you can either:
  • Take the free shuttle bus provided by the Mall of Istanbul. These buses depart every 15 minutes and drop you directly at the mall entrance.
  • Take a taxi or ride-sharing service (like Uber) for a short trip to the mall.
  • Walk for approximately 20 minutes along the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge towards the mall’s indoor parking entrance.

2. İkitelli Sanayi Metro:

Take the M9 (Bahçelievler-Bahariye) line to İkitelli Sanayi station.
From the station, take the M9 Bahariye metro towards Masko Mall of Istanbul. This stop is actually inside the mall complex, offering the closest metro access.

3. Other Routes:

Depending on your starting point, you might consider alternative routes through different transfer points like Yenikapı, Aksaray, or Bakırköy. Explore options on the official Metro Istanbul app or Google Maps for the most efficient journey based on your location.


  • Purchase an Istanbulkart for convenient and affordable fares.
  • Check the Metro Istanbul app or website for real-time schedules and potential disruptions.
  • Validate your Istanbulkart at the yellow turnstiles before and after your journey.
  • Allow extra travel time for transfers and potential queues.

Everything you wanted to know about Istanbul metro - Frequently asked questions:

There are currently 16 metro lines in Istanbul.
The total length of the Istanbul metro network is approximately 170 kilometers.
Istanbul metro trains generally run at intervals of 3-5 minutes during peak hours and 5-10 minutes during non-peak hours.


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