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Student accommodation market in London

Student accommodation market in London

The London student accommodation market is currently facing a period of high demand and limited supply, making it a dynamic and competitive landscape for students seeking housing. Here’s a breakdown of the key trends:

High Demand:

London continues to be a magnet for international and domestic students due to its world-class universities, vibrant culture, and career opportunities.
Increasing student numbers fueled by post-pandemic recovery and a growing university intake create intense competition for available beds.

Limited Supply:

Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) development has slowed down in recent years, leading to a significant gap between demand and supply.
This gap forces many students into the private rental sector, pushing up overall rental prices and making finding suitable accommodation challenging.

Rental Price Surge:

The limited supply in the PBSA market is driving up rental costs, with 2023/24 academic year seeing record-high rental growth of 8.02%.
Private sector rental prices are also experiencing significant increases, adding to the financial burden for students.

Location Matters:

Prime central London zones like Zone 1 face an even more acute shortage of student accommodation, pushing prices even higher.
Students are increasingly looking for affordable options in outer boroughs or exploring commuter options.

Impact on Students:

The competitive market can be stressful for students, requiring early planning and potentially compromising on desired locations or amenities.
Affordability remains a major concern, with rising rents impacting budgets and potentially discouraging some students from pursuing their studies in London.

Looking Ahead:

The long-term demand for student accommodation in London is expected to remain strong.
Increased collaboration between universities, developers, and government bodies is needed to bridge the supply gap and ensure quality, affordable housing for students.

Tips for Students:

  • Start your search early and be prepared to move quickly.
  • Consider exploring various neighborhoods and modes of transportation to find affordable options.
  • Research rental terms and conditions carefully and budget wisely.
  • Seek support from university accommodation services or student unions for guidance and resources.

Navigating the London student accommodation market can be challenging, but staying informed and proactive can help you find the right place to call home during your studies.

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Student accommodation market in London - Frequently asked questions:

The average rental prices for student accommodation in London vary depending on the location and type of accommodation. Generally, prices range from £150 to £300 per week.
Student halls in London are often more cost-effective compared to renting a private apartment. However, renting a private apartment can offer more flexibility and independence.
The student accommodation market in London is highly competitive, especially in popular areas near universities. It is recommended to start searching for accommodation early and explore various options to secure a suitable place to live.


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    As a student currently looking for accommodation in London, I can definitely relate to the challenges mentioned in this article. The high demand and limited supply have made it extremely competitive and expensive to find suitable housing. I appreciate the tips provided, especially the importance of starting the search early and exploring different neighborhoods. It’s also concerning to see how rising rental prices can impact students’ budgets and potentially discourage some from studying in London. I agree that increased collaboration is needed to bridge the

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